Behaviour Change Knowledge Centre

The Behaviour Change Knowledge Centre

The Behaviour Change Knowledge Centre is a virtual platform on which the body of knowledge on behaviour change for corruption control, including explainers, working papers, newsletters, video skits and blog posts, is curated. These are products from research and reviews by NISER authors, implemented through a MacArthur Foundation Grant Project.

The knowledge content of the BCKC is rooted in interdisciplinary collaborations from the fields of public policy, political science, law, human geography, economics, technology management, statistics, and psychology.

Diagram depicting the interdisciplinary bases of the Behaviour Change Knowledge Centre

Training modules on Behavior Change Research and Behavioural Change Intervention Design are currently being developed based on the content of our knowledge products. These will be designed as short-term courses for different target audience groups including the public sector, academia, the research community, civil society groups and the private sector.

Actualizing Behaviour Change [ABC] Series

Corrupt Behaviour in the Nigerian Public Sector: Simplifying a Complex Phenomenon


Click here to download the presentation. 

Working Papers

Lived Experiences of Corruption: The Plebeians’ Perspective
A nationwide survey was conducted in 2022, with the use of the SenseMaker® methodology, across selected states in the six geo-political zones and the Federal Capital Territory. This nationwide survey is the first step in developing a behavioural change approach for corruption control in Nigeria, to understand the underlying concepts, dimensions, and motivations for corrupt behaviour, in order to provide the appropriate behavioural solutions. A summary of the study and findings are contained in this paper.

Click here to download Lived Experiences of Corruption: The Plebeians’ Perspective.

The Phenomenon of Corruption

This paper is a summary of a desk review on the multifaceted nature of corruption in Nigeria.

Click here to download The Phenomenon of Corruption: A Summary.

Political Economy of Service Delivery and Corruption in the Nigerian Civil Service

In this paper, the factors and players that influence service delivery and corruption in the Nigerian civil service are examined via a political economy analysis (PEA), with the aim to understand visible and non-visible players, and processes that work to engender the issue of concern.

Click here to download Political Economy of Service Delivery and Corruption in the Nigerian Civil Service.

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