What is ACTU ?

ACTU means Anti-Corruption and Transparency Monitoring Unit (ACTU). This unit was set up by the Federal Government through the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related offences Commission (ICPC) which is the apex body saddled by law with the responsibility to fight corruption and other related offences in Nigeria. The Unit is an autonomous outfit of the Federal Government of Nigeria operational in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) with functional linkage with the Office of the Chief Executive of the respective establishments.


ACTU is empowered to carry out the following duties:

  • Function as the main link between MDAs and the ICPC.
  • Perform all the duties detailed in Section 6 (a) of the Corrupt Practices and Other related Offences Act, 2000 except that of prosecution.
  • Examine the practices, systems and procedures in MDAs as provided in Section 6 (B-D) of the Act 2000 not less than twice in a year. Make recommendations to the management of their MDA pursuant to its functions.
  • Conduct in-house training for the staff of its organization through workshops, seminars, enlightenment programmes, etc., from time to time.
  • Meet at least once a month to discuss/review its activities.
  • Members of the Unit shall submit themselves to trainings organized by the commission or by anybody as may be approved by the commission to enable them effectively perform their functions.


Composition of the Unit

It is provided that members of the ACTU shall consist and be drawn from among officers of management level and those with relevant professional skills spread within the organization. There shall be Chairman and Secretary plus three other members all not below CONRAISS 12. The Chairperson shall not be less than CONRAISS 14.


The Chairman, Secretary and other members of the Unit shall hold office for a period of four years and be reappointed for another period of four years but shall not be eligible for reappointment thereafter. The appointment shall be subjected to ratification and confirmation by the ICPC.


ACTU was inaugurated in NISER on 15th June, 2009. The membership was as follows:

  • T.O Aderibigbe – Chairperson
  • Mrs. B.R. Agbede – Member
  • Dr. O.A. Abimbola – Member
  • Mr. M.M Ibrahim – Member
  • Mr. W.C Mejuru – Secretary

By March, year 2018, the tenure of some of the ACTU members expired.  The institute inaugurated new officers to take over the activities of ACTU for the next four years.  The officers includes:

  1.  Dr. (Mrs) Foluso M. Adeyinka (Chairperson)
  2.  Mr. M.S. Marafa (Member)
  3.  Mr. Lokan Y. Yunana (Member)
  4.  Mr. Samuel I. Iyoho (Member)
  5. Mrs. Mercy E. Clarkson (Secretary)

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