S/N Title Author YEAR
1 Spatial Analysis of Poverty Among Rural Women in Nigeria: Targeting Strategy for Improving the Effectiveness of Poverty Alleviation Policies

Tolulope Jerumeh

2 Women Empowerment and Agricultural Commercialization in the Nigerian Agricultural System Temitayo Adeyemo 2022
3 The Effect of Income Diversification on Nutrition Security of Households in Nigeria Nathan Williams 2022
4 Climate Smart Agriculture Practices and Smallholder Productivity: The Case of Irrigated Rice Farming in Nigeria Olufemi Ogundele 2022
5 Economic Cost of Power Outages and Households’ WTP Olanrele Iyabo 2022
6 Monetary Policy, Naira Depreciation and Inflationary Pressures in Nigeria Segun Awode 2022
7 Foreign Exchange Market Pressure and the Nigeria’s Macroeconomy Sebil Oshota 2022
8 Effect of Foreign Trade on Trade Tax Revenue for Economic Growth in Nigeria Samuel Ochinyabo 2022
9 Effect of Flood on Livelihood of Displaced People in Lokoja: Implications for Disaster Risk Management in Kogi State, Nigeria Oke Mustapha Oludare 2022
10 Vulnerability Indexing for Flood Preparedness in Nigeria Daramola Adebukola 2022
11 Effects of Mortgage Financing on Affordable Housing Adeagbo Lukman 2022
12 Assessment of the coping strategies of commercial activities during strikes in Universities in Nigeria Benedicta Isunuoe 2022
13 Women Empowerment and Boy Child Education Progress in Imo State Nigeria Okeke Emeka 2022
14 Effects Of Usage of Mobile Phone Technology on Secondary School Students’ Academic Performance in Southwest Nigeria Bola Oni 2022
15 Innovation Environment and Entrepreneurial Intentions among Undergraduate Students in Nigeria Olufemi A. Popoola 2022

Technological Dimension of Globalization and Industrial Development in Nigeria

Joshua Afolabi 2022
17 Information and Communication Technology Adoption and Sectoral Labour Demand in Nigeria Temitope Abodunde 2022
18 Innovation and the Performance of SMES In Nigeria Jonathan Leo 2022
19 Mobile Telecom and Sales Promotion Strategies F.M. Adeyinka 2022
20 Oil theft and insecurity in the Niger delta region of Nigeria Bassey Moses 2022
21 Decentralized policing and national security in Nigeria  Oladeji Abubakar 2022
22 Electoral Financing and Political Accountability in Osun state Oyekanmi Omosefe 2022
23 Insecurity and the Politics of Labelling Violent Groups as Terrorists in Nigeria Agboola Abiodun 2022
24 The Determinants of Social Vices in Slum Areas in Enugu Metropolis Ngozi Iyoho 2022
25 Resurgence Of High Infant Mortality Rate in Ogun State: Implications for The Achievement of Child Related SDGs

Sunday Alonge

26 Psycho-Demographic Factors Influencing of Voting Behaviour among Registered Voters in Southwest Nigeria Peter Tomoloju 2022
27 Patterns and Correlates of Happiness and Life Satisfaction in Nigeria Audu Wadinga 2022
28 Impact of Digital Financing on Credit Rationing in Nigeria Joseph Afolabi 2022
29 Financial Development, Economic Growth, and Environmental Quality nexus in Nigeria        Jacob Angahar 2022
30 Growth-Differential Effect of Foreign Direct Investment and Domestic Investment in Nigeria Abiodun Hafeez Akindipe 2022
31 Health Overseas Development Assistance, Government Expenditure on Health and Health Outcomes in Nigeria

Seyi Omosuyi

32 The impact of Global Value Chain Participation and Economic Growth in Nigeria by Dr. Basiru Fatai 2022
33 Local Sourcing of Raw Materials and Performance of Feed Mill Enterprises in Ogun State, Nigeria Mr Oladele Osanyilusi 2022
34 An Assessment of The Contribution of Migrants to Agriculture in Oyo And Rivers States of Nigeria

Mr. Cajetan Akujobi

35 Social Networking and Youth Participation in Agriculture in Southwest Nigeria: Cecy Balogun Cecy Balogun 2022
36 Social Capital and Entrepreneurship Performance of Students in Universities in South-West, Nigeria Dr. Eseyin, Emmanuel Olorunleke 2022
37 Influence of Academic Staff of Universities (ASUU) Strikes on Lecturers’ Livelihoods in Universities in Southwest Nigeria Dr. Ijov, Mark Terlumun 2022
38 Basic School Exclusion Factors and the Out-of-School Phenomenon in Nigeria Mr. Chris M. Orji 2022
39 An Assessment of Emergency Medical Service Delivery through National Emergency Medical Service and Ambulance System (NEMSAS) Mr. Emmanuel Onimisi 2022
40 Vulnerability and Preparedness of Energy Stations to Fire Outbreak in Warri City Mr. Siji Joseph 2022
41 The Contribution of Non-Farm Economic Activity to Household Income in Boluwaduro Local Government of Osun State Nneka Onyebuchi 2022
42 Vote Buying and Political Accountability in Nigeria. Dr. H. O. Tijani 2022
43 Political Parties Financing and Transparency in Governance in Nigeria Dr. U. Akpan 2022
44 Political Sensitization and Electoral Consolidation: A Study of the National Orientation Agency Mr. E.J. Onyetube 2022
45 Small Arms and Light Weapons Among Youths and the Challenges of Insecurity in Nigeria Mr. Omotayo 2022
46  “Effects of Rising Cybercrimes on Students’ Academic Performance in Nigeria”. Mr. Faruq Quadri 2022
47 Announcement Effect of Monetary Policy Rate on Exchange Rate Dynamics in Nigeria by Mr. Louis Chete 2022


1 Fuel Price Increase, Agricultural Productivity and Welfare of Farm Households in Nigeria Dr. T.O Oni 2021
2 Policy reform and supply response of smallholder rice farmers in Nigeria Dr. O.O. Ogundele 2021
3 The Effect of Labour Out-Migration on the Transformation of Smallholder Agriculture in Nigeria Cajetan Akujobi 2021
4 The Effect of Land Titling on Agricultural Investment and Output in Nigeria Dr. Temitayo Adeyemo 2021
5 Assessment of the Effect of Insecurity on Agricultural Productivity of Smallholder Farmers in Imo State Christiana Asuquo Ukpong 2021
6 Spatial Heterogeneity of Household Food Insecurity in Nigeria Dr. Tolulope R. Jerumeh 2021
7 Contract Farming in Rice Production: Side Selling and Productivity in Jigawa State, Nigeria Oladele I. Osanyinlusi 2021
8 Rural Adaptation to Climate Change: Evidence from Southwest Nigeria Nathan Unah Williams 2021
9 Assessing Macroeconomic Policy Coordination in Nigeria Louis Chete 2021
10 Pattern and Determinants of Household Energy Transition in Nigeria Dr. I. Olanrele 2021
11 Export Credit and non-Oil Export Performance in Nigeria Dr. Adelowo Wahab 2021
12 Trade Openness, Institutional Quality, Income Inequality in Nigeria Dr Bashir Fatai 2021
13 Effects of Human and Physical Capital Development on Sectoral Performance in Nigeria Mr. Oluseyi Omosuyi 2021
14 Effect of Foreign Capital Inflows on Stock Market and Economic Growth in Nigeria Dr Samuel Ochinyabo 2021
15 Commercial Bank Credit and Sectoral Performance in Nigeria Mr. Hafeez Akindipe 2021
16 The Role of Human Capital Accumulation in Trade Openness – Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria Dr. Sebil Oshota 2021
17 Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Foreign Direct Investment Inflow in Nigeria Mr. Joseph Afolabi 2021
18 Effect of Public Investment on Sectoral and Aggregate Output Performance in Nigeria Mr.  Jacob Angahar 2021
19 Uncertainties, Financial Development and FDI Inflows in Nigeria Mr. Segun Awode 2021
20 Wash Facilities in Public Spaces and Attainment of Open-Defecation-Free Status in Nigeria Dr. Ademola Adeagbo 2021
21 Airline Operations in the Pandemic Era: Implications for Passenger Demand and Air Transport Sector Growth in Nigeria Dr. Bukola Y. Daramola 2021
22 Impact of Migrant Farmers on Agricultural Activities in Rural Communities of Kwara State, Nigeria Oludare M. Oke 2021
23 The Effects of Participation in Self-Help Groups on Women Farmers in Kajola Local Government Areas of Oyo State Mrs. Nneka Onyebuchi 2021
24 Detecting and Predicting land use /land cover Change in Nigerian Cities using the QGIS MOLUSCE PLUG-IN. Mr. Emmanuel Onimisi 2021
25 Viability of Plastic Waste Recycling in Ibadan Metropolis Mr. Siji Joseph 2021
26 Demand For Higher Education and Labour Market Dynamics in Nigeria Prof. Oluwakemi B. Okuwa 2021
27 The Impact of Skills Acquisition on Graduate Employment in Nigeria Momodu I. Momodu 2021
28 Analysis Of Staff Welfare and Service Delivery in Public and Private Secondary Schools In South-West Nigeria Dr. Gideon Victor Olorunfemi 2021
29 Human Resource Development and Civil Service Employees’ Performance in Nigeria Adah E. Agaba 2021
30 School Plants Management for Basic School Administration in South-South, Nigeria Dr. Eseyin, Emmanuel Olorunleke 2021
31 Plagiarism Deterrence Measures Among Postgraduate Students in Nigerian Universities Christopher Michael Orji 2021
32 Knowledge and Attitudes towards 5G Telecommunications Network Deployment in Nigeria Dr. Foluso Adeyinka 2021
33 Analysis of Occupational Safety Regulatory Mechanisms Among Dumpsite Workers in Oyo and Ogun States Dr. Salawu Abideen Alamu 2021
34 Effect of Capacity and Engagement with Policy Makers on Research Production Efficiency in Nigeria Dr. Olufemi Popoola 2021
35 A Re-Examination of Economic Growth Capability of Indigenous Micro-Enterprises in Nigeria Umar Faruq QUADRI 2021
36 The Effects of Information and Communication Technology Goods and Services Exports on the Performance of Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria Jonathan Gimmy Leo 2021
37 Illicit Financial Flows and Industrial Performance in Nigeria Joshua Adeyemi Afolabi 2021
38 ICT Adoption, Innovation and Financial Development in a Digital World: Empirical Analysis from Africa Temitope T. Abodunde 2021
39 Domestic Resource Mobilization and the Challenge of Infrastructure Development in Nigeria Dr. A. Oladeji 2021
40 Political Participation and Democratic Consolidation in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic Dr. Hakeem O. Tijani 2021
41 Insecurity And Youth Unemployment in Nigeria: A Case Study of South East Of Nigeria Emmanuel Uche Nwachukwu 2021
42 Assessing Globacom Corporate Social Responsibility in Nigeria: The Case Study Of FCT, Abuja Dr. Usen.U. Akpan 2021
43 State And Local Government Relations in Anambra State and Implications for Rural Development Emeka J. Onyetube 2021

Gender Inclusion and the role of the Judiciary in Nigeria

Proceed with minor revisions

Omosefe Oyekanmi 2021

Hate Speech During Electioneering Campaign and Electoral Violence in Nigeria

Proceed with minor revisions

Moses Igwe Bassey 2021

Political Mobilization Through Social Media: Implications for National Stability

Proceed with minor revisions

Jeremiah Oluwadara Omotayo 2021

Emerging Culture of Electoral Violence Among Road Transport Union Workers in South-West Nigeria.

Proceed with minor revisions

Abiodun Y. Agboola 2021
48 Patterns And Determinants of Female Genital Mutilation in Nigeria Wadinga Audu 2021
49 Health System Strengthening in Primary Health Care in Nigeria: Towards the Achievement of Universal Health Coverage Dr. Sunday Kolawole Alonge 2021
50 Life After Retirement: Coping Mechanisms Among Akwa-Ibom State Retirees Ngozi Edith   Iyoho 2021
51 Contributions of the Adopted Village Scheme to The Livelihoods Of Beneficiaries In Oyo State Cecy Edijala Balogun 2021
52 Determinants Of Drug Abuse and Quality Of Life Among Youths In Southwest Nigeria Peter Olubiyi Tomoloju 2021
53 Effects of Absorptive Capacity on Foreign Capital inflows and Real Sector Output in Nigeria Cyprian Clement Abur 2021


1 The Role of the Judiciary in Nigeria’s Democracy: The Case of 2007 Governorship Election Petition Dr. Hakeem O. Tijani 2011

The Nigerian Economy (NRND Part A)

3 An Analysis of Aviation in Nigeria: Implication for Improved Safety Management Systems Dr. Bukola Y. Daramola 2012
4 Biotechnology Research and Cassava Production in Nigeria Dr. Salawu Abideen Alamu 2012
5 Spatial Pattern of Health Facilities in Edo State: Implications for Health Care Utilization in Edo State Prof. Andrew Onwuemele 2013

Career Development and Women Manager: The Effect of Mentoring and Ingratiation in Oyo State

7 Growth Effects and Determinants of Remittances Flow to Nigeria   2014

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