AKUJOBI CAJETAN CHIZO is a research fellow 1 in the Agriculture and Food Policy Department of the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, Ibadan. He obtained his first degree in Economics and a Master degree in Agricultural Economics in 1999 and 2001respectively from the University of Ibadan. He earlier in 1990 obtained a professional Diploma in Statistics from the same university. He has worked extensively in the area of Nigerian agriculture and food policy, agricultural commodity value chain analysis, urban agriculture among others. He has worked on collaborative consultancy basis for the World Bank on two important projects. Presently he is doing a research on the effect of credit on smallholder oil palm production in Imo State.  He is a member of a number of professional bodies which include African Economic Research Consortium, Agricultural Policy Research Network and Nigerian Association of Agricultural Economists. He has attended many conferences both within and outside Nigeria. He has a number of publications to his credit and they include:

Akujobi Cajetan (2010). Welfare Implications of Urban Agriculture in Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Energy & Environmental Economics, Volume ¾, No. 2/3, December 2009/2010, ISBN: 2006-8395. PP54-65.

Ogundele, O.O. and Cajetan Akujobi (2014) Agricultural Education and Economic Transformation: An Assessment of Academic Institutional Capabilities in Nigeria. In International Journal of Research in Education Volume 11 Number 2, December 2014, Pp 184-196. ISSN 0189-6202.

Cajetan Akujobi (2015) The Impact of Kerosene Price Subsidy Removal on Households’ Cooking Energy Consumption in Nigeria: Implications for National Development.  International Journal of Management Studies and Research,Volume 3, Issue 5, PP 50-54. ISSN 2349-0330 (Print) and ISSN 2349-0349 (Online)

Cajetan Akujobi (2017) Impact of Petroleum Products Pricing policy on Deforestation in Nigeria. NISER Monograph Series No. 1, 2017. ISBN 978-181-535-5

E-mail address akujobic2000@yahoo.com.