Visitation Of The N.P.C Nodal Officer to NISER Headquarters

Dr. Anne Nzegwu, NODAL Officer for the National Planning Commission (NPC), paid a working visit to NISER Headquarters, Ibadan, on 20th May 2013. During the visit, she carried out a Service Compliance Evaluation Exercise in accordance with performance evaluation principles. Similarly, she unfolded the contents of the Unit’s draft Work Plan for 2014 to include the following.

Quarterly routine check on Units, Divisions and Departments in the Institute in a bid to forestall service failure. On-the-spot assessment of service delivery compliance level on desk officers of the Institute as well as the Security Personnel. Staff Sensitization programme on SERVICOM ideals in two liaison offices as well as five zonal offices in the country, namely, Lagos and Abuja Liaison Offices, and Akure, Minna, Bauchi, Owerri and Port Hacourt Zonal offices.

Re-orientation programme for staff on the imperatives of effective service delivery towards nation building. Intensification of efforts on oversight functions on all 2014 projects in the Institute to ensure value for money.