One of the ways by which the Institute reaches out to its numerous stakeholders, particularly those interested in research outputs and policy debates, is through the  NISER Research Seminar Series (NRSS). The NRSS platform serves as avenue for disseminating research outputs, through meaningful engagement with the relevant people in the research and policy making communities as well as the general public.  It serves as a forum for research capacity building for young and mid-career academics/researchers and policy analysts, while also providing opportunity for senior academics and socio-economic development policy experts to present the result of their research for public debate.

Generally, papers at the NRSS are presented by NISER research staff, lecturers and researchers from universities, research institutes, NGOs and private sector organisations. Visiting researchers from foreign research and tertiary educational institutions and experts from international development agencies have ample opportunities of presenting relevant papers and/or research outputs at the NRSS. The target clientele of the NRSS is broad-based and includes universities, tertiary institutions, research institutes, think tanks, relevant private sector organisations, Non-governmental organisations and professional associations. Others include development partners, the mass media as well as Federal, State and Local Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs).

NRSS papers are posted on this website as NISER Discussion Paper Series, for further comments and contributions from the general public.  The NRSS are scheduled to hold regularly every second Tuesday of the month at the Institute; Conference Room.

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Folarin Gbadebo-Smith (DG)

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