The Individual Research Project (IRP) Seminar is a major aspect of the quality assurance process involved in the planning and delivery of individual research projects by NISER research staff. The IRP proposals and the completed IRP reports are also subjected to peer review before the presentation at IRP seminar. The IRP Seminar is organized by the TCCPU and takes place once per quarter. The following are the list of the IRP proposals and reports presented from 2011 to 2013.

IRP Seminars - 2011 to 2013



Date:  22nd November, 2011

Presenter:  Dr. (Mrs)  Yetunde Aluko
Title: Rural Women and Technological development: The case of ijebu Women Entrepreneurs of South Western Nigeria

Presenter:  Dr. Andrew Onwuemele
Title: Distributional  Pattern of Modern Health Care Facilities: Implications for Health Care Utilisation in Edo State

Presenter:  Mr.Abideen Alamu
Title:  An Analysis of  Biotechnology Research and Cassava Production in Nigeria



Date:  18 April, 2012

Presenter:  Dr. J. E. Ogbuozobe
Title:  An Analysis of Infrastructural Development in Enugu State, Nigeria, under  Democratic Governance

Presenter:  Dr. Andrew Onwuemele
Title:  Determinants of Rural Housing Quality: A Study of Ika and Isoko Land in Delta State

Presenter:  Dr. (Mrs) A. Y. Daramola
Title:  An Analysis of Aviation Accidents in Nigeria and Implications for Improved Safety Management System

Presenter:  Mrs Adeola Carim-Sanni
Title:  Food Price Changes and Consumer Welfare in Nigeria

Presenter:  Oke Mustapha Oludare
Title:  Assessing the Effectiveness of Expatriate Quota Utilisation in Manufacturing Industries in Lagos Nigeria


Date: 30 October, 2012

Presenter:  Dr. Godwin Akpokodje
Title: Growth Effects and Determinants of Remittances Flow to Nigeria

Presenter:  Dr. O.O. Ogundele
Title: An Assessment of Input Supply Policies and Agricultural Productivity Growth in Nigeria

Presenter:  Mr.Cajetan Akujobi
Title: Impact of Petroleum Pricing on Deforestation in Nigeria

Presenter:  Mr.Abideen Alamu
Title: Assessment of Government Policy on Seedling Production and Supply: Implication for Cocoa Re-birth in Nigeria



Date: 20 May, 2013

Presenter:  Dr. Godwin Akpokodje
Title: Growth Effects and Determinants of Remittances Flow to Nigeria

Presenter:  Mr.Cajetan Akujobi
Title: Impact of Petroleum Products Pricing Policy on Deforestation in Nigeria

Presenter:  Mr.Alamu S. Abideen
Title: Evaluation of Effects of Seedling Subsidy Policy on Cocoa Re-birth in Nigeria


Date: 14 November, 2013

Presenter:  Dr. O. O. Ogundele
Title: Input Subsidy and Agricultural Productivity Growth in Nigeria

Presenter:  Dr.Ajala O. Adebayo
Title: Mass Media Exposure and Reproductive Behaviour in North-West Geo-Political  Zone of Nigeria

Presenter:  Mr.Ademola Adeagbo
Title: The Impact of the Performance of the Housing Sector on The Attainment of Nigeria’s Transformation Agenda

Presenter:  Mr. Sunday Alonge K.
Title: Women’s Empowerment and Contraceptive Use Among the Ijesa of South-Western Nigeria

Presenter:  Dr. A. Y. Daramola
Title: Commercial Motorcycle Operations and Policy Implications for Labour Migration in the Informal Sector: A Study in Ibadan, Nigeria

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